Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Tips for using the jumper cables

We all know that using the jumper cables to start the car is a very effective way when your car’s battery suddenly dies. However, what to do to use them effectively and safely is the problem not everyone really knows. In fact, there are some aspects the users must pay attention when making a start by the jumper cables in order to get the success fast with no troubles.

1. The suitable length of the cables

When buying the jumper cables, some people prefer the short cables because of theirs tidiness and convenience. However, the drawback of it is the shortness which can not be used in a long distance. Not every case that the distance between the broken vehicle and the helping one is short but some of them are quite long. Therefore, we must make sure the length of the cables is long enough in the majority of the situation. The suggested minimum length of the jumper cables is about 12 feet. We should buy the cables with this length or even longer.

2. The similar voltage of the batteries

Before you make a jump, you have to make sure that both the batteries have the same voltage. If not, the difference between them can cause the damage to the electrical parts of the batteries.

3. The appropriate distance between two vehicles

For the convenience, you should let two cars as close as possible, but you should never permit two of them to touch each other.

4. The careful and right connection between the two batteries

This is the most important step you must pay a lot of attention when jumping a start.
- Firstly, you attach one of the clamps of the red cable with the positive terminal (+) of the dead battery. You must not let the clamps of the red cables touch the land or the car because it is very dangerous.
- Secondly, you connect the left clamp of the red cable to the positive terminal of the working battery. You do not mind walking many times because it is a good way to limit the fire under any circumstance.
- Next, you attach one of the clamps of the black cable with the negative terminal (-) of the working battery.
- Finally, you connect the left clamp of the black cable with an unpainted metal part of the car. You should not clamp it at the places where there are plastic, paint, and rubber.
If you attach directly this clamp of the black cable with the negative terminal of the dead battery, this can cause the electric sparks combining with the hydrogen, which can cause the fire or explosion.

5. The right disconnection between the two batteries

After your battery is charged and your car can start, you should disconnect the two batteries. But at this time, you should only turn off the helping car and let your car work continuously. You start the disconnection with the black cables which attach with the negative terminal of the batteries. After that, you continue disconnecting between the two positive terminals. You should not let the two clamps of the cables touch each other or let the positive cable touch the vehicle.

6. The recharging for the car

You should keep your car running about 20-30 minutes. At this time, you ought to turn off the lamps, the heater or the other electric equipment so that your battery can be charged faster and more effective.

In conclusion, we should notice that while jumping a start for the dead battery, we must be careful and do right following the directions. To find more tips to using jumper cable, you go to site to get more. From that, we can get the safe jump for the car with no differences and troubles.


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