Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Top reasons of sump pump’s failure and how to handle them

A sump pump is mechanical equipment which is bound to malfunction for a number of reasons. The reasons for malfunctioning could be its poor manufacturing quality, improper maintenance or due to excessive workload of pumping the water. 
The majority of the sump pump reviews and the helping guides tell us to choose a system which is according to the needs and the product should be of top quality from a top sump pump manufacturer. It should be properly maintained in order to make it work effectively in all kinds of emergency flooding situations in the basement of the house. There are a few common reasons for the failure of sump pump which we will discuss in the next section along with the solutions.

Top reasons of failure and the solutions:

The following are the main reasons of failure of a sump pump and the associated solutions:
The power failure – The power failure is one of the most common issues that people face with the sump pumps. The best solution for such an issue is to have a backup electrical power generator which can be manually activated. In case of any mechanical failure, the sump pump wouldn’t be able to initiate itself through a power generator. But, in case of extreme weather conditions which may lead to a power outage, an electric power generator can be a real lifesaver.
Pump is working but there isn’t any water flowing into the pit – This situation is a classic example of poorly installed equipment. There are many contractors who actually install the system in the sump pump, but they do not hook it up with the drainage system. The proper working of the equipment is dependent on the installation of the drain tile which could be either internally or externally. A clogged, nonexistent or a collapsed drain tile would restrict the flow of water in the pit. So make sure, that this thing is properly installed and is in great working order.

Jammed switches and the clogged sump pump – The pits of the equipment which are lidless could easily be clogged with debris, pebbles and dirt. Similarly, an equipment installed right beneath a messy sump pit could have its mechanical parts all clogged. If the clogging of the pit interferes with the functionality of the equipment then it may perform slower or could come to a complete halt.
Improper installation of the equipment – A sump pump must be installed in the exact proper position. An improper installation leads to malfunctioning or it may deteriorate the performance of the system. For this purpose, it is highly advised that the user manual of the product given by the manufacturer must be followed. Further, don’t take it as a DIY task if you are not fully aware about the proper installation. Hiring professionals is always the right thing to do.
Defects in the product – It is a rare situation, but it is a possibility which could happen. It is advised to always inspect the sump pump for proper functioning after installation and also periodically later on. Chucking a bucket full of water every now and then would tell you about the proper functionality of the equipment.

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