Saturday, August 29, 2015

How Is Down Pillow Different from Feather Pillow?

A lot of buyers get confused about down pillow and feather pillow, and confuse them for each other. However, these are quite different and there are considerable between down and feather pillows – whether it comes to the firmness, durability or cost. If you are as clueless about the differences as any average customer, it is a good idea to read on and find out how the two pillows stand different from one another.

The sources of the fillings of these pillows are different. Down feather pillows have their filling sourced from the undersurfaces of geese and ducks, and this filling is quite airy and soft. This is exactly the reason why this type of filling is used in pillows as well as blankets, comforters and beds. Normal feather pillows come from various other parts of geese and duck. Feathers are stronger and offer support in various items, such as beds, pillow forms and pillows.
While feather pillows are soft and comfortable, down pillow has been regarded as healthier by medical experts. This is due to the reason that the fillings in these pillows can change their shape according to the shape of head and body of sleepers. They are also firmer than simple feather pillows factor that sets the two apart from each other. The price of down pillow is around 5 – 10 times more than that of ordinary feather pillows. Ideal down feather pillows consist of at least 75% down and maximum 25% feathers. The perfect combination of softness and firmness makes down feather pillows healthier and more comfortable to sleep on. It is a good idea to some amount of price comparison in order to find pillows made of down fillings at lower prices, and avoid the pocket pinch., and offer greater support and cushion to the body. The extra level of firmness helps the body and avoids occurrence of pain and aches after long hours of sleep.
Both types of pillows can last for many years and offer comfort to buyers. These can be washed up and dried in machines quite well. However, down feather pillows can be washed quicker and dried faster due to the fact that the quills present on the feathers can trap moisture easily. However, this is also the reason you need to ensure proper drying of down pillows – so that bugs and other insects do not breed on them.
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